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Sonoma, CA
"The Home of the Taildraggers"
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Sonoma Valley Airport (aka Schellville) is a privately owned Public Use Airport serving Sonoma County since 1946. Schellville airport receives no funding from any government agency (tax payer dollars). We are free to the public to use. We do not charge a landing fee, and overnight stays up to 7 days, tie down is free.
Open to pilots dawn to dusk. Welcome to Schellville,
we hope you enjoy your stay.

Sonoma Valley Airport was started by Waldemar "Wally" Reichelt not long after Wally was discharged from the US Army at the end of WWII.

The airport was much smaller than it is
today but many of the original structures,
such as these seen the the photo at left,
still stand.

In this view looking southwest,
taken in the 1960's, Runway 17/35
is in the same location it is today. Looking like a taxiway to 17/35, the short "east/west" was actually
"Runway 25/7" used when the
prevailing westerly winds kicked-up.

The airport as
it looks today.

One of the founding principles of the airport is that it be a place where
people with a love of classic and vintage aircraft can come and
enjoy all the atmosphere "Schellville" has to offer. 

                                                                                                                                                                                   (c) Roger Cain                              

The Sonoma Valley Airport is unique in many ways. There are a wide
variety of vintage and veteran aircraft operating at the airport.
The wide variations of performance of these aircraft should be
considered if you plan to fly to the airport.

Pilots new to the airport should take the time to make themselves
familiar with the special features of Sonoma Valley Airport.
A thorough review of the information within this website will
help pilots keep their operations safe and compatable
with the needs of the airport.

All photographs may not be reproduced in any manner or form without
 the expressed written consent of Vintage Aircraft Company and their agents.

Vintage Aircraft Company and Sonoma Valley Airport reserve the right to deny your business and/or remove you from Airport property
if you present a detriment to our businesses*** and our right to purse Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS,
as set forth in the United States Declaration of Independence. This determination will never be based on Race, Religion, Color or Natural Origin.

***pilots, crew, patrons, airport management

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